Clear out your closet

consign with us

Make room in your closet for the pieces you truly love and make some money from the pieces you’re ready to part with.

Consignment is a great way to give the clothing and accessories you’re moving on from a new home and keep them out of the landfill. We extend the fashion lifecycle of the pieces that just aren’t serving you anymore by offering an eco-conscious alternative. 

The Comeback will showcase your items in our New Arrival Facebook/Instagram Live videos, post them to our social media, load them on our website, and put them on our sales floor – all you have to do is bring your gently used, seasonal, excellent condition, current style items to us. You get to sit back and watch your account balance grow… or come shop and use your balance to fill your closet back up… that’s what circular fashion means, right?! 

Be sure to read our FAQ and our Consignment Terms for more information on how we work. 

the details

What to expect when you consign with us

Prep for Consignment:

We recommend you go over your items at home in good lighting for a once over before bringing them in. Top things we look at: Are they clean inside and out? Any odours? Pet hair? Spots? Deodorant? Piling? 

Don’t forget to go through your purses and pockets to make sure you haven’t left anything in there… you’d be surprised at what we find!

You can go on our website and select the appropriate consignment intake form to fill out in advance. You can print it off at home or let us know you’ve completed the form online when you come in.

Are you doing a stay & wait? Select your best 30 items to bring for review

Are you doing a drop & run? There is no limit to the number of items

Day of Consignment:

Bring your items in neatly folded or on hangers

Our intake area is at the back of the store – we offer free parking behind the store and you can bring your items in through the back door

If you’re new or unsure of the process, our sales associates can guide you through it

If you’ve filled out a form in advance online, please let us know, otherwise we have forms on a table for you to fill out upon arrival.

Your next steps

got questions?

Read our faq's over here

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(anytime we’re open)

drop & run

Leave your neatly folded items in one of our bins with your form in it. Bins will be processed based on the date received. We will go through your items and put any items suitable for resale on your account and donate any items we don’t think we’ll have luck with. We donate to Canada Food for Children.

(Tuesday through Saturday between 10am and 3pm – no consignment on long weekends)

Stay & Wait

When you have your items ready for review, we’ll hand them off to our consignment staff who will review your items while you wait in store (feel free to browse or shop while waiting!)

We will review your items for style, seasonality, trendiness and condition and decide what we think we’ll have luck selling for a profit. 

We will select pieces suitable for consignment and give you back any no thank you’s. Items will be processed/priced at a future date (varies depending on our processing time) and you’ll have access to view everything using consignor access online. 


Consignment follow-up

consignor access

Follow your account online using our consignor access portal. You can log in any time to see if your items have been processed, if anything has sold, and the balance on your account. It is your responsibility to follow your account online – we don’t email you with status updates. 

Please don’t be offended if we don’t select items for consignment – it’s not based on our personal preference, simply what is selling best in our shop and our existing inventory supply. 

When you click the button below, account manager will open in a new window.

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