Consignment terms are subject to change without notice

Q: What do you take?

The Comeback selects stock based on salability, demand, condition, age, brand, style, season and current resale industry trends.

We take ladies clothing (from size 00 to 22), handbags, accessories, footwear and unopened perfume. When selecting items from consignors, preference is given to better quality, higher priced items new within the last 2 years that are current in style, in season, in demand, in excellent condition, odor free, stain free, pet hair free, wrinkle and snag free i.e. ready to wear. Please bring clothing in on hangers.

Some in demand labels are: Tory Burch, Judith & Charles, Eileen Fisher, Burberry, Michael Kors, Lululemon, Coach, Tiffany, DVF, Chico's, Christian Louboutin, Aritizia brands, Anthropologie and of course luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc.

Q: What don't you take?

We may not accept items without brand labels, fabric content labels, size indication, or from H&M, Forever 21, Smart Set, Costa Blanca, Walmart, FMX, Ricki's, Sirens, Seductions, Stitches, Old Navy, some Sears labels and other discount/value brands. Although these brands provide great value for the price, we do not profit by reselling them.

We do not accept designer "knock offs", wedding attire, swim suits or other intimate apparel. Business suits and formal wear are also not in demand.

Q: How are my items priced?

We take care of pricing and marketing your pieces.

Items may be subject to reductions.

Luxury items (eg. Louis Vuitton) may be subject to third party authentication services and are priced after research.

An account charge may be applied if a designer item is found to be unidentifiable i.e. a replica.

Q: How much do I get?

YOU will receive the following percentage of the selling price*: (excluding taxes and any fees like battery replacement, drycleaning or buyers fees)

Commision Chart*
70% $995.99 and up
60% $495.99 - $995.98
50% $249.99 - $495.98
45% $19.99 - $249.98
35% $9.99 - $19.98
25% $4.99 - $9.98
15% $0.00 - $4.98

You have up to 1 year from the consignment start date to collect your money. We pay out in cash. A cheque or e-transfer may be issued upon request for a fee.


Q: How long can my items stay?

We require that you leave most consigned items for a minimum of 7 weeks;

items $25.99 and less may stay 60 days;

items $50.00 and more may stay 90 days.

Q: How can I check my account?

You, the consignor, are responsible for following up on the status of your account either by website inquiry, email, or in person. You may check your account by accessing:

Q: What about item collection and security?

With sufficient notice, we will assist with locating items you wish to reclaim priced at $50 or more: staff time is not allotted to look for items under $50. Due to the high volume of inventory we process, we do not offer pickups on items priced $50 or less. We feel that we have exhausted all efforts to sell your items during your 8 weeks (changed to hangers, organized by size and category, advertised, marked down by 15% and 35%). At the end of the consignment period it is not cost-effective for us to put any more labour and costs into those items. Items not sold or reclaimed by the expiry date become property of The Comeback and may be donated to charity. We use security tags and have a security system to aid in the safe keeping of your items. We do not, however, assume responsibility for any loss or damage to consigned items.

Q: How do I get paid?

Come in and collect your cash anytime or use as store credit. If you prefer cheque or etransfer, they are both available for a fee.

Q: How do I bring in my items?

Walk-ins and Drop-Offs are welcome when a Consignment Representative is on duty which is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday (except for Saturdays on long weekends). All clothing should be on hangers (1 item per hanger) to allow us to look through your items efficiently.

When you arrive your items will be reviewed as soon as possible and you may take home with you any items for which we don't feel we have a market, or you may leave them for donation to Canadian Food for Children.

Q: When do you accept Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter items?

February, March, April


May, June, July


August, September, October


October, November, December, January